Dental Implant Options in Santa Clarita with Dr. Leda M. Whitmer

Traditional dentures and bridges have been the only options available to patients missing teeth. While these treatments may provide some temporary solutions, these restorative treatment options can have a lasting negative impact on an individual’s oral health, function, and aesthetics. With dental implants and implant-supported restorations, patients are able to enjoy a completely restored, fully functional smile. To get started, contact our Santa Clarita Dentist, Dr. Leda M. Whitmer, for a consultation today!

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Why Consider Dental Implants?

Plastic Jaw with dental implant insideFrom accidental dental trauma to periodontal disease, there are a number of conditions that can lead to teeth becoming severely damaged or even falling out. While dentures, partials, and bridges may provide an immediate and less expensive solution to tooth loss, these treatments often do not fully engage the entire smile into treatment. As these traditional restorative solutions often require the support of neighboring teeth and gum tissue, dentures and bridges often accelerate tooth deterioration, compromising the health and function of healthy teeth and gums. These treatments options also fail to stimulate the supporting jaw bone, causing the osseous tissue to gradually deteriorate and weaken. Over time, this bone resorption can increase the risk of further tooth loss as well as facial collapse. 

Dental implants are uniquely designed to mimic natural teeth in shape, function, and aesthetics. Where traditional restorations sit above the gum line, implants are surgically placed into the bone tissue, integrating with the bone and creating a steady foundation for the eventual restoration. As implants are made up of separate components, this innovative treatment options can be used to support a wide range of restorations including crowns, bridges, and dentures. Not only does this provide comprehensive coverage for patients missing multiple teeth, it also helps eliminate the risk of bone resorption and facial collapse that accompany traditional restorations.

Dental Implant Care in Santa Clarita 

At Leda M. Whitmer, DDS, our Santa Clarita dentist works closely with a network of trusted oral surgeons to ensure that your implant treatment plan is customized precisely to your smile and unique health needs. Beginning with your first consultation, Dr. Whitmer works with patients understand their smile goals, health needs, and the cause of tooth loss. Through extensive collaboration with fellow dental professionals throughout the Santa Clarita Valley, Dr. Whitmer creates a comprehensive treatment strategy for the placement and restoration of your dental implant. 

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We are dedicated to providing patients with long-term, lasting dental solutions. To learn more about investing in your smile with dental implants, contact Dr. Whitmer and her team today to schedule your dental implant consultation. 

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