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Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry in Santa Clarita

Maintaining a healthy smile in adulthood starts with learning the right hygiene habits early on in life. At our Santa Clarita family dental office, Dr. Leda Whitmer and her team encourage parents to bring children in for their first dental appointment once their first tooth has emerged. From counseling parents on at home oral hygiene care to planning for orthodontics later in life, our Santa Clarita family dentist is here to help your child maintain and keep their smile healthy throughout their later years. 

The Importance of Proactive Children’s Dentistry 

The health of your smile during childhood plays a significant role in achieving lasting wellness in the future. While healthy primary teeth and gums can ensure the permanent teeth are as healthy as possible, poor hygiene at-home and missed opportunities for care can lead to a number of oral health problems as children age.

Achieving lifelong oral wellness starts well before your first tooth is developed. While in utero, the mother’s diet and oral health influence the health of the baby’s. In particular, prenatal gingivitis and periodontal disease can negatively impact the health of an unborn child, increasing the likelihood of a high risk pregnancy, premature birth, and low birth weight. With this in mind, caring for your child’s smile start well before they even enter the world. 

Likewise, the health of primary teeth plays an important role in long-term oral hygiene. While primary teeth are temporary, they save space for future permanent teeth. If these teeth are compromised by cavities, gum disease, or proper long-term orthodontic treatment is not recommended, patients run the risk of developing oral health problems in the future. 

Keeping your Child’s Smile Healthy at Every Age

At Leda M. Whitmer, DDS, our Santa Clarita dentist has helped generations of patients maintain healthy smiles throughout childhood and into adulthood. Starting with prenatal dental care for the mother, Dr. Whitmer works closely with parents and children to ensure the transition from baby teeth to an adult dentition is as smooth and healthful as possible. 

During your child’s first dental visits, our goal is to help them feel comfortable and help them better understand the importance of a healthy smile. By using kid-friendly language and hands-on demonstrations, our team is able to help children feel comfortable visiting the dentist for routine cleanings and learn effective hygiene techniques for at-home care. Regular visits every six months also allow Dr. Whitmer to monitor your child’s smile and identify whether more advanced care, such as orthodontics, may be needed in the future.

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Keeping your smile healthy starts early. To learn more about our children’s dental services in Santa Clarita, contact Dr. Whitmer and her team today. Schedule a visit for your child today!