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Teaching Your Children to Brush | Leda M. Whitmer, DDS

Keep your Child's Smile Healthy

When it comes to preventive dentistry, a knowledgeable patient is key to staving off tooth decay and gum disease. Our Santa Clarita dentist believes that impressing upon children the importance of proper dental care early on is a key component to preventing future oral health problems in the future.

Be the Example

Most parents already know the importance of setting the right example for their child. With that in mind, teaching your child the right way to brush and floss through demonstration is a key component to instilling the right dental habits early on. Doing this as soon as your child is old enough to brush their own teeth doesn’t just teach them the importance of brushing, but works as a bonding experience too. As always, be sure to floss as well.

Get the Right Tools

When teaching your child to brush, use positive language and fun tools to help them associate healthy dental habits with daily routine. Using themed toothbrushes and flossers as well as fun flavored toothpastes can help this habit seem like a fun part of the day. Additionally, there are now smartphone and tablet apps that can be used to help your child understand how long to keep brushing.

If you have already shown your child the right technique for brushing and still feel that they may not be thorough enough, consider using disclosing tablets. These handy tablets will color the plaque on your children’s teeth, and can show them, and you, where they need to spend more time brushing. You can even get your child a toothpaste with their favorite television character. Just be sure that the toothpaste contains fluoride to prevent dental decay.

Visit the Dentist Frequently

When teaching your children how to brush, be sure to make them comfortable visiting the dentist and hygienist. This will encourage them to keep up their dental care later in life, as well as giving them another opportunity to have somebody show them good brushing technique.

Family Dentistry with Dr. Whitmer

If you want a leg up on your children’s oral health, then contact Leda M. Whitmer, DDS today. Our family oriented dental practice is eager to help you and your family achieve optimal dental health.