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Saving Money with Good Oral Hygiene | Leda M. Whitmer, DDS

How Good Oral Hygiene at Home can Save You Money

Preventive at-home care for your oral health is often the best way for patients to save money at the dentist. Tooth decay, gum disease, cavities, plaque buildup, and many other reasons for visiting the dentist can be easily avoided by educating yourself with some at-home tips for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful.

Choosing the Right Tools for the Job

When faced with the sheer amount of choice the oral hygiene department at your local department store, you may be overwhelmed, but with these tips will give you a better idea of what to look for. While some patients may require a specialized toothpaste, brush, or rinse, most patients are able to achieve a healthy smile with basic dental products. Be sure to ask your dentist if you require particular supplies.

Your first step will be to get a toothbrush with soft, rounded bristles, as this will ensure your cleaning routine won’t damage gum tissue. Additionally, you’ll want an ADA (American Dental Association) approved toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluoride, to keep plaque and tartar buildup to a minimum. Using these supplies in concert with a regimen of brushing and rinsing twice a day, and flossing routinely, you can easily avoid costly procedures. 

Avoid Certain Foods

Something you might not take into consideration when maintaining your smile is what you eat. While brushing, flossing, and rinsing are certainly important, you must also be sure to limit the intake of these kinds of foods. 

When choosing your morning pick-me-up, avoid highly acidic coffees and energy drinks, as constant and heavy consumption of these foods can easily break down the enamel in your teeth and lead to more cavities. Quick solutions to this can even be the use of a straw to limit how much contact your teeth have with the acids in these drinks. Many foods—especially citrus fruits—can have the same damaging effect on your enamel, so be sure to brush after meals that include acidic food or beverages. 

The most notorious enabler of tooth decay is sugar. Whenever possible, avoid letting it into your family’s diet, as it promotes the growth of acid-generating plaque. However, keep in mind the natural sugars that you eat throughout the day too, and brush whenever necessary. For those of you who are parents, be sure to also monitor your children’s intake of sugary and acidic foods, and show them how to properly brush and floss their teeth. This will ensure lasting health of their permanent adult teeth. 

Maintain Your Oral Hygiene in Santa Clarita

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